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A successful professional manage knows to change his job at a proper time so as to step up on his career planning. One aspect of a positive career plan is to have a long cooperate with one carefully chosen senior searching consultant company. We have established such cooperation with large quantity of such excellent managers. Hiflair has many years’ long recruiting experiences. Our plentiful positions will help you no matter for long or short term jobs. We will not only limit on one position cooperation with you, we hope to be your assistant and pal on your career development road and help you to achieve your final goal. We will provide following services for free:


Recommendations of the Job opportunities

If you want to widen the road of development of your occupation or realize the rapid ascent of self-value the professional recruitment consultants of Hiflair are ready to provide information about the occupation you expect.

Current situations in talent market

The senior advisors in Hiflair have done long-term studies on the situations of talents and development trend of different industries. Their assessment in talent market has won a reputation in industry and has authority in market. We will provide you the first-hand research report on the current talent market at all times for your reference.

The techniques of making resume

The quality of your resume will directly influence your subsequent application process. The advisors in Hiflair have a large number of case analysis of positions and practical experience in recommendation of talents, They will provide you the most valuable instructions in the making of your resume..

The techniques of interview

The interview is kind of two-way selection for the employer and the employee. Chances of success will be promoted if you know certain useful techniques of interview and if you possess good communication abilities in interview. They will provide you the in-depth analysis on the questions of interviewers.

The analysis on salary

Hiflair has the long-term research and analysis on the salary of talents in many fields. They will provide the exact salary positioning by taking consideration of both your practical experience and qualifications for the maximum of each value.

Related recruitment information on the side of enterprise

As the saying goes,”Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat.” Before making the decision, the information both sides get determines the success in the future career development. The professional consultants in Hiflair will provide you “the story behind” about the recruitment of enterprises so as to “manipulate victory from the command tent” in the new professional fields.


If you need more information or related services, please send your resume to us, our professional recruitment consultants will contact you