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Hiflair Recruitment Institute (HRI) introduction
In the past years, Hiflair International has been working in 17-related industries and functional areas to provide customers with the highest quality recruitment service. It successfully met the hundreds of multinational corporations and leading local companies recruitment needs at all levels. With advanced recruitment concept, wisdom, strategy and a wealth of successful experience in various fields.

Hiflair Recruitment Institute (HRI) Purpose:Teach one to fish "rather than" giving the fishing.

Hiflair Recruitment Institute (HRI) Lecturer team:The lecturers of HRI are mainly composed of interior lecturers and exterior lecturers. The most important guarantee of service quality is the lecturer team management. HRI has complete lecturers team management system. Each lecturer in HRI has more than 10 year’s HR or business management practical experiences. HRI also has detailed short and intermediate term and long term assessment plan to ensure the spread of advanced recruitment idea and method.

Hiflair Recruitment Institute (HRI) courses development:All the courses of HRI are developed by the project committee composed of senior HR executives of well-known companies and senior consultants of Hiflair. They discussed institute frame and developed courses. All courses are based on Hiflair many years’ recruitment management experience and learn from well-known enterprises’ best practices in human resource management, recruitment management.


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