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Electronics manufacturing
In the field of electronics manufacturing, China is still in the medium-term industrial age. And manufacturing is still playing an import role and it provides the labor productivity which accounts for 50% of national GDP. Benefit drives multinational corporate to transfer the world manufacturing industry to China because there are low price labor and high efficient logistics. Low labor costs are not competitive advantage, productivity is competitive advantage. Hiflair’s electronic manufacturing consultancy team has provided a long term service for domestic and international manufacturing of the top 500 enterprises in the world and has large amount of talents and search experience.


IT/Internet/E-Commerce according to “Chinese Internet Development Statistics Report” which is published by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in January, 2008, by the end of 2007, the number of Internet users has reached 210 million people. The number of Internet users has grew rapidly and increases 73 million in 2007. The annual growth rate is 53.3% in 2007. The rapid growth of Internet users in China has made us the Internet’s increasingly value and benefit clear. In recent years, high speed developing E-Commerce has became mature. Not only internal or even world class Internet and E-Commerce providers, but also the high developing start-ups in the Internet business group are our clients.


The finance industry competition is becoming fierce with the Asia and Pacific area’s market competition. The bank and other financial organization are changing the method to cater to the mature customer request. Many companies transfer the business model towards the products and service to provide deeper products and market knowledge. In Hiflair, in order to understand the customers’ special talents requirement better and work without boundary limit, our financial professional service response customers’ product actuation construction to provide the high efficiency and best service. We collect the best consultancy team to provide you the mainland, district or national strategic target, in order to guarantee your competitive advantage in Asia. Each of our partner have strong industry background or extensive executive search experience and are familiar with the Asia Pacific region’ financial markets. Our team is familiar with the regional environment and specializes in asset and wealth management, corporate and investment banking, global markets, insurance, operations and technology, private equity and real estate. Our consultants provide the talent management solutions covering all areas.


With the urbanization process expediting in China, real estate / construction industry has achieved rapid development. We have accumulated a great deal of high-end talent in this industry. So our clients include developers, investors, property management, e-leasing, Supervisor Company, contractors and so on.

Automotive Products industry is one of the fastest and the most promising industries in China. China’s long-term shortage in the economy makes people concentrate too much attention in the manufacturing sector. But with the release of growing demand, a key factor of the rapid development in China's auto products industry is the huge potential market. It also leads the international competition more and fiercer; many high-tech companies are bullish about China's automotive market, and squeeze into the fray in succession. So the core talents play a leading role in the fierce market competition. Hiflair international automotive and logistics team has 12 professional consultants; they have been concerning the development of automotive logistics industry and the flowing trends of the talents, which make they have a large number of recommended successful cases in the professional services for customer.


energy / chemical industry have kept pace with the high technology and automotive, which is the rapid development of high-profit industry. Hiflair’s energy / chemical group can be fully reflected the feature in this field. Such high growth rates not only lay a solid foundation for future development, but also indicates that energy / chemical industry demand for top talent urgently. The required senior talent should have a good knowledge in industry information; the most important is, to know how to keep the company's competition in the quickly changeable environment. Under these circumstances, the personnel recruitment must be proficient in the industry background, in order to find qualified personnel to meet these requirements. The group of Hiflair’s energy / chemical industry has a thorough understanding, and always carries out the principle into their business.


Medical and Public Health
In China, Medical and Health Care industry is one of the fast developing and high profit industries. For Hiflair trade group, the characteristics of the industry can be fully demonstrated from its business. As Medical and Health sectors are increasing at high growth rate of 18% -20% a year in the world, the demand for talents in Chinese Medical and Health sectors is increasing year by year. In this case, people responsible for recruitment are required to be proficiency in knowledge of the industry, so that the talents as above requested would be hunted, which are understood thoroughly by Hiflair Medical and Health Care team members and this principle has always been carried out in their business.


Consumer Products and retail
Consumer goods and Hiflair retail International was formally launched the service in FMCG in Asia-pacific region. Today, our advisers manage to meet the customers’ rapidly changing needs. They are either the originally new company accessing to China and India's retail markets, or the transnational corporation regionally expanding their business in food, tourism, retreatment ect. We set the consultant teams and integrate local, regional or global strategic objectives to ensure your substantial competition advantages in Asia. In addition to the different regional backgrounds, our advisers main specialize in providing the following service: searching for Senior Administrator in Advertising and Marketing, Household Appliances and Equipment, Durable Consumer Goods and Retreatment, Food and Drink, Health and Beauty, Hotel, Travel and Entertainment.