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In recent years, the requirements on the human resource manager are becoming more and more restrict. This is not only the result of more and more fierce commercial competition, but also for most CEO has acknowledged that: human resource manager of world level has a great role in realizing strategic goals. At this age, human resource managers are more and more important in many fields. As a professional head-hunting cooperation, Hiflair pays attention to the trends and developments of advanced talents in human resource. Our consultant team has become a key role in analyzing the trends and developments of human resource and helping establish the head-hunting service relationship with customers.


The aim to set up the financial management structure is to confront together with customers kinds of challenges and chances by global financial managers. Our goal is to provide customers with advises and suggestions dealing with complex financial problems to our best and enhance the service quality.


As there are more and more replicas of new industries, the core competition power of cooperation is the interior and exterior management, which is requisite to realize the operation targets. Our consultants has abundant experience in operating process management, searching advanced talents in famous companies, providing related consultative service for the strategic development of company.


Companies from all over the world are facing with the innovation of technology and introduction of new technology to promote products to the needs of market and to promote the brand efficiency and acknowledgement. We pay attention to promote the core organization of company, and the core research department are put much importance since establishment. Our talents structure, procedure management and consultant service from R&D department has gained praise from customers.


With fierce competition in 21 century, there is no doubt that in order to create a space in the global competition, company should establish an International brand. Brand will lead company to success and drive operating strategy to be realized. In order to effectively arrange the source, attention should be paid to creating brand. As a true brand, image should not be neglected for it represents the face of brand. Hiflair has been concerning brand development and advisement for a long time. We will recommend groups of media-advanced and advanced talents for brand development.


Supply Chain
It is showed in research that an effective management of supply chain will assist company a long and stable advantage in competition to enhance the integrate competition level in supply chain. Statistics data shows that the on time delivery of node companies has improved about 15%, lead time has shortened about 20% to 30%, and the value of production has increased more than 15%. More and more companies has acknowledged the benefits of supply chain management, for example, many companies like HP, IBM DELL has achieve great success under supply chain management. We provide head-hunting service in this field, and it will help customer sustain the competitive advantage in supply chain management.


Quality and System Quality Management are interactive and inter-relative. It is comprised of four parts: 1. Organization structure: it contains a rational organization structure, clear responsibilities, rights and limits, and the relation of co-ordinance. 2. Procedure: the operation of procedure is according to ruled files and task guidance. 3. Process: effectively operating quality management system is realized under effective operation of relative process. 4. Resource: a necessary, suitable and abundant resource includes human resource, fund, facility, equipment, material, energy, technology and method. In this field, Hiflair has many success examples and provides customer with abundant human resource.


In-house legal
Since large companies are paying more and more attention to company management and operation under rules of lays, talents in law major is playing an important role. More and more Law offices are seeking professional law talents and partners from Hi- Flair. Our law talents seeking team has about 25 consultants all around the world.


Project Management
Project manager is important in project management. As project is not company, project management is neither company management. But just like the management of company, the management of project also needs co-ordinance of many exterior connections as society, industry, customer, government and so on. Thus, the leader in project manager is of importance, he/she does not only represent an individual but also a team. Our consultant team of project management is long seeking sophisticated talents of top management who have professional knowledge and abundant experience, good at management with responsibility.