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Company instruction

Hiflair as a leading headhunting and HR management consulting provider, Hiflair specialized in providing executive search, recruitment process outsourcing and HR management consultant service for a long time. Our aim is to help the clients to found a competitive first-class management team through out whole solution targets.
Hiflair comes to an international company with complete executive platform of Asia. Our branches and offices distributed in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Peking, Shanghai and Singapore. Hiflair becomes a council member of word famous headhunter association (WHA) and sharing the global executive information system.
Seventy percent of our clients are the word’s top 500 companies, large national listed companies, fast growing medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations. Our business scope covered 17 relevant industries and fields from financial, real estate, IT/internet, communication, electronics manufacturing, consumable, retail commerce, logistic, automobile/energy, and pharmacy to chemical. We have a demonstrated ability to successfully address the hiring needs of our clients, while maintaining the flexibility to tailor to your specific needs. In the past years, Hiflair International establishes and completes a comprehensive executive search system which can provide the clients from the Chief Executive Officer CEO, board members to the company's senior management and professional class technical talent search and consulting services and make great value to the clients.


Core Advantages

Professional service with great efficiency: We promise to provide at least two qualified candidates within five workdays.

Rich headhunting experience: Our consultant team has a reserve of over 600 ,000 high-end talents accumulated through the past few years

Senior consultant team: All the members of our consultant team have years of working experience in advanced management in well-known enterprises and in headhunting

The divisions of trade functions: The senior consultants of the specific field provide professional services to the customers

Company vision:Developed as a leading headhunting and HR management consulting provider in the world.

Our mission:Optimize the inherent technical and management capabilities, and explore talent own values and talent initiative, to provide qualified personnel for the protection of socio-economic development.