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Company Notice
1. Customers we are willing to serve
Companies with good prospects
Companies can provide development space to senior talents
Companies can make the best use of talents and attract them
Companies willing to change current complex situation through management reform Companies full of public spirit

2. Customers we refused to serve
Companies with bad faith
Companies pursue benefits only ignore the employed and customers
Companies with high turnover rate and bad management but do not willing to change

3. Benefits to keep contact with headhunter
Can quickly fulfill the talents vacancy due to good customer relationship
Can know the average salary level from consultants which is good for salary policy adjustment
A good consultant can provide you HR consultant which is good for HR management
A good consultant can not only help you find the one you need but also help you to make them stay

4. How to choose a good headhunter company
The one with many year’s researching experiences and large executive information storage
The one with good faith can make good on their promise and with good public praise

5. Company how to choose a consultant
The one with many years’s working experiences of senior HR management or skillful with executive selection, training, using and making them stay
The one good at communication, expression and be good at selecting executives
The one with successful cases and performances