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1. If you can make the full use of executives, we can cooperate as follows:
We can provide headhunter service when you are in need of middle and high ranking executives.
If you need large quantity of middle and high ranking executives we can cooperation in long term which will lower your recruitment cost.
If you need consulting and guide about certain procedure of recruitment, we will share the professional experience with you immediately.
If you and your company concern the flow of personnel and head-hunting company stealing your talent, we will raise the solution how to protect your talents.

2. If you are senior executive of company or specialized technical personnel,we can perform the following cooperation.
You can transfer the details of the senior talent who are not helpful for you (we hope these details are promised not to release by other head-hunting companies). These details can raise social benefit at the right time, which will satisfy you and bring some profits to you from us.
Regarding the senior position you can not recruit by other ways, you may transfer them to Hiflair, which will support your company and promote our relation. We will authorize our senior consultant to supply consultation service of your Career Planning and Development. Besides, when you feel frustrated and can not be promoted, we will supply prior development opportunities for you and improve your terms of employment suitably. We knew each other well because we have ever cooperated and support each other.

3. If you are an internet company with great PV, we can perform the following cooperation.
We can promote each other by links on each other’s web site.
If the PV is rather great, we can build up our cooperation in HR. We will grant you the favorable service, even free service.

4. If you work in Industrial (Business circle) Association or have professional resources related to certain field (company), we can perform the following cooperation.
We will present practical souvenir (such as telephone card etc.) as a gift if you can supply some public information from senior meeting and seminar of some industries via your message channel. We hope you can communicate with us in advance to confirm if we need the information from such industries and fields.
You can collect the details of senior talents that you can collect, including employer, position, and telephone number. It is very good that you can get their simple resume. We will discuss with you when these information being valid and share the value caused by these information.

5. If you are a senior consultant in consulting or training company, we can perform the following information.
When you hear the complain from the boss of company during the consulting and training, you can tell them what we do, which will lead the boss to recruit the talents through us. If it does the deed, usually we will grant 10%-20% benefits as return of your service, not matter if you said one word only.
Besides, it is often that you contact some excellent talent or top professional manager. You can recommend them to us as per the ways we promised or the database we are willing to purchase, or the position we need. Then we will grant rich return to you when you recommend these talents to us successfully.