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Business introduction
Hiflair recruitment outsourcing service mainly provides parts or all aspects of various professional recruitment services to the customer. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is committed to providing customers with high quality candidates, to improve existing recruitment processes and control recruitment costs. As a partner, we will try the best to overcome strong recruitment challenges the customer is facing providing our whole or part of the hiring process solutions according to customer’s different pressure and challenges, to provide the whole or part of the hiring process solutions. We will ensure to make recruitment activities work smoothly and provide reports of key process under our professional consultants, powerful recruitment systems, advanced measurement techniques and complete working processes.

HIFLAIR recruit procedure services mainly focus in below:
Professional Recruitment Agent
The large-scale recruitments and the selections for medium-grade management, professional and technical staffs are often complicated and time consuming in enterprises. The HR department's working efficiency will be affected if the enterprise's human resources department always takes sole responsibility for the task to distinguish from the thousands of resumes every day. And what is more, the results would probably not be satisfactory. However, the human resources department can focus on more important functions if this task can be outsourced to a more professional company to take charge. It is no doubt that a booming enterprise will benefit from it.
1)Applied enterprise:Having no ambition to engage in selection of candidates or enterprises without professional personnel selection methods.
2)Service method:We carry out interview on behalf of clients and provide analysis and evaluation reports.
Long-term outsourcing: HIFLAIR consulting signs a one-year or over one-year recruitment outsourcing agreement with clients and becomes the appointed recruitment outsourcing service provider, offering personalized and quick-response services.
Short-term outsourcing: HIFLAIR Consulting provides personalized service when clients, usually, need to recruit a great many personnel in a short time in the case of a temporary project without enough staff, limited access and inadequate reserves.
Headhunting Consultant: 2000-6000 RMB/ person;
Technical experts, industry experts, management experts, human resources scholars: 5000-20000 RMB/ person.

Professional Background Investigation
1)Applied enterprise:Having no energy to conduct background investigation or having no investigation ability.
Service content: We provide background investigations; competitors' core modules of human resources management strategies investigation.
2)Service method: HIFLAIR will accomplish the committed task of the clients with a dedicated and serious attitude. We offer background checks on candidates according to the requirements of clients; we offer true, objective and comprehensive industry survey; we offer a survey of the companies candidates used to work for as well as the working condition through correspondence, telephone interviews, telephone testing and interviews; we are to use a set of employee background investigation and assessment system to carry out multiple visits.
3)The fee: 10-60 million according to the depth of the project service charge. On business or other special requirements are extra.

Market Research and Design Enterprise Salary:
HIFLAIR through a series of international standards, norms and professional approach to the various positions on the market classification, summary and statistical analysis, the formation can objectively reflect the status of the market salary survey, and provide compensation based on the design of decision-making and reference . Turn can help companies achieve personalized and targeted to design compensation purposes.
1)For Enterprise:
Business expansion needs to recruit new posts enterprises;
In order to prevent rivals to lure them away, ready to adjust the salaries of comparable positions in the enterprise;
Determine the company's labor cost position of enterprises in the industry.
Focus on practical, targeted business rather than those who only consider the cost of the enterprise.
2)Service means: to accept the client to pay the corresponding positions for the investigation. You can specify the entire industry, or designated competitors, but also the development area; can be a single job or multiple jobs.
3)Fees: According to customer requirements, provide information, our participants, it reports the formation of specific negotiation, the minimum fee for 3000-5000 for each job element.

Senior staff selection and promotion assessment
HIFLAIR Consulting Human Resource Development and Research Centre has advanced, unique and the most authoritative Talent Assessment Tool - Practical Measurement of Personality System, together with first-class talent assessment concepts and the most advanced hardware facilities to carry out all-dimensional assessment. Professional personnel evaluation system ensures a best match and helps you select the best and most suitable talent. With advanced expertise and experienced experts in the field, HIFLAIR human resource management consulting firm assists the enterprises to carry out career planning for core staff, with the purpose of making good use of and retain core personnel and to win the core competitiveness of enterprises.
1)Applied target
Job-seeking, personal career planning;
Staff position in the arrangement, work distribution;
Staff assessment, selection (streamlining), promotion;
Understanding of staff, including: ability structure, intelligence, work ability, work attitude, social communication, organizational management, management style, etc;
When company works out the human resource plans and design corporate image;
When a company is newly formed or has vacancies (internal - external);
2)Services content
Through the tests of enterprise management, social aspirations, manager behavior style, managers career interests on the participants, we can carry out a scientific assessment of more than 20 capabilities such as language ability, numeracy, spatial imagination ability, observation, personality orientation, career adaptability, professional skills, basic quality and potential, performance management, scenario simulation capabilities.
3)Service process
Assessment process: experts plan assessment projects and the implementation of assessment programs----implementation of the assessment----statistical analysis of the results ----- a comprehensive analysis -----Customers ----- feedback;
Personal Assessment: provide resume and personal information; fill out the registration form, indicating purpose of the survey; counseling staff to determine the evaluation project; evaluating; issued by the evaluation report, sealed by force; staff provides explanation and guidance; individuals fill out the evaluation feedback of results;
Committed evaluation by companies: companies propose purpose of the assessment; both sides negotiate and agree on evaluation factors, selection assessment tools and methods; signs an agreement commissioned evaluation; submits a list of persons and related information; carries out evaluation; collects evaluation data; issues a comprehensive evaluation report ; pay a return visit to clients to check evaluation results;
4)Fees: According to customer requirements, provided information, and customer number through negotiation.

Implementation of on-campus recruitment
HIFLAIR recruitment consultant team provide following on-campus recruitment services:
Meet your requirements to the great extent;
Resolve your problem of staff shortage for the recruiting department;
Go to well-known universities and colleges a year to recruit excellent students several times a year; Help clients improve employer brand among universities and colleges;
Assist clients to conduct market research, gather information and follow-up contact;
Assist clients to conduct induction training of recruited talents from campus;
Reduce the cost of on-campus recruitment.